Week 2 - Purpose of the Church

A Much Bigger Deal Than You Realize (Eph. 3:1-13)

Last week our study led us to Matthew 16:13-20. It’s in that passage of scripture where we find Jesus’ promise to “Build His Church”. We also discussed how the church is not the building. Rather, it is the Ecclesia (Called out). Those individuals who are called out of this dark world and translated to the Kingdom of God’s dear Son (Colossians 1:13). Our study then led us to Acts 2, where on the Day of Pentecost we observed the Apostle Peter powerfully preach the first Gospel message. It was so convicting that 3,000 souls believed, repented, were baptized and added the church that same day! The bible says that they continued in the Apostles Teaching, Fellowship, Breaking Bread and prayer. Their care for one another was so real and intentional that they even sold some of their own property to make sure no one went without. Their love for one another was so attractive that outsiders desired to be a part of this new movement. And despite threats and persecution the church grew to a number that no man could number!

The early church in the book of Acts paint a beautiful picture at times of what happens when Disciples of Christ live out their profession of the One who saved their souls. It’s interesting that Jesus said “He would build His Church” but most Christians don’t seem to know how or why? I believe it is for this reason most congregations become stagnant and die! Please understand this: You won’t live out something you don’t deem significant!

But I assure you….

The Church is significant!!! The Church is needed!!! And the Church has a PURPOSE!!!

This morning I want us to look at and discuss the Purpose of the Church? The Gospel in relation to the Church? How does the child of God partner with Jesus in “Building His Church?” Let’s take a look at this from Ephesians 3:1-13.

Most of us live our lives with far too little awareness of the awesome realities around us. Most of us go through day after day and seldom feel the impact of the magnitude of what we are caught up in by belonging to Jesus Christ, the God-Man, the ruler of the universe. And we don't take enough time to meditate on how our jobs, our home life, our leisure, our church involvement—how each of these fits into the cosmic significance of the church. And consequently our lives often lack the flavor of eternity and the aroma of something ultimate. O, that there might be more people among us whose manner of life mirrors something mysterious and wonderful and whose words have a cosmic significance.

Jesus was like that. You could not be around him long until you felt: "There is something peculiar about this man; I've never heard anybody speak like this man." He had the aroma of God about him. Every part of his life was part of a cosmic plan, and he knew it, and it made him earnest. And the great apostle Paul was like this, too, as we see him here in this text. He saw his own little ministry as part of a cosmic plan, and it filled him with seriousness and passion. And I pray that God will open our eyes today so that we can see that all of us believers, each with his peculiar gift, are part of a cosmic mission given to the church by the Creator.

So let’s begin reading at verse 10 to see just what that mission or purpose is and discuss these 3 questions:

1. Who are the Principalities and Powers? Eph. 6:11-12; 3:10; 2:2

2. What is the divine wisdom the church is to make known to them?

3. How are we (The Church) to make it known? By demonstrating it through our lives!!!

“Let God be true and every man a liar”

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